The Slightly-Early-5th-Birthday-Release!

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The Slightly-Early-5th-Birthday-Release!

Radish Dragon the Radish Dragon
Posted on 07-23-2018 23:54:16

The Gods have descended upon us, seemingly upset with the way things were ran previously. The clan councils have had their pass privileges removed, and The Seven have taken it upon themselves to ask you to prove to them that you are worthy of their blessings.

This means that you are now able to randomly encounter deity requests when interacting on the site! They are 100% more common this week, but keep note- they are supposed to be not-easy-to-complete- these are the Gods we are talking about! Fully unlocking an area also comes with an added bonus- the ability to switch your clan alignment to theirs! However, switching is not entirely without consequences- you will lose access with your previous clan and need to re-prove yourself to them to regain access again. This update also means the unlocking of the Dark area once and for all!

Today's Updates Also Include:
- A new page for selecting your first element when you join!
- A mood potion, located in Morado's shop. This changes your creature's mood on its profile to another random mood.
- A new feature for clan leadership- random Bonus weeks! These weeks have increased rewards. See the leader page for more details!

Hello there! FoM opened on July 24, 2013, and is run by me, myself, and I! If you like what I'm doing, consider supporting us on patreon, or throwing me something through Ko-Fi!

(They / Them)
Bepennel the Freshwater Seadrake
Posted on 07-24-2018 04:04:21
oh wow, happy birthday
Valkyrie Greta the Mysfytt
Posted on 07-24-2018 16:16:50
happy birthday, FoM!
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