The Hue Shift Parade!

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The Hue Shift Parade!

Radish Dragon the Radish Dragon
Posted on 10-29-2018 15:31:20

Welcome to the Hue Shift Parade! My name is Magus, and I'm looking to collect lots of information on these newly hue shifted creatures, who are quite the interesting sight to see this Thirteeth Year! I'm looking to get as many examples of these creatures so I can try to engineer this potion myself to sell- but I haven't been able to give Lewis enough candy to get them- so in return I can offer you things if you show me yours!

1. Show off your officially shifted creatures or create your own and upload them to an image site!
2. You can show off up to five creatures, and please make a post for each creature that you show to Magus. You're free to include a little block of text or a story to tell Magus more about your creature, but this will not increase your chances.
3. Winners will be chosen by random, so everyone has an even chance! We'll draw six winners for each 50 entries that we get, with a minimum six winners to begin with- so there is a lot of possibility to win! Each person can only win once, and you will get the highest level prize that you qualify for!
4. This will end on Nov. 7th, at 11:59 pm server time!

1 First Place

A Custom Creature Potion

2 Second Place

A Custom Companion Kit

3 Third Place

A Blank Canvas

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(They / Them)
Storybook the Cool Toad
Posted on 10-29-2018 17:12:43

This guy! He's one of a kind! A color shifted cocowyrm in a family of one!
One of the first users on this site. I'm not terribly active and I have an unhealthy Cocowyrm addiction. I'm not a mod, but I am in charge of breaking things. If you need some help, I'm sure I could give you assistance.
This is Infinitree, the tree of unending clicks:
StarWish the Dreamaker Dragon
Posted on 10-30-2018 08:12:00

Looks kind of like glass, which is cool
I like rocks n stuff
Brisk the Carrot Dragon
Posted on 10-31-2018 22:05:58

There are not many Wrtawij Pykt to begin with, this one after the potion's dose took on a toxic hue. Only time will tell if anything else about it changed and if any others will be affected as well.
Gift the Sugilite Gembeast
Posted on 11-02-2018 14:02:09

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Gift the Sugilite Gembeast
Posted on 11-02-2018 19:17:26

This one turned out kind of interesting too.
StarWish the Dreamaker Dragon
Posted on 11-03-2018 00:57:48
Another interesting colour swap.
I like rocks n stuff
Crimson the Frilly Ruffle Dragon
Posted on 11-04-2018 17:43:13

Emery is very much fall themed now. >w<
Brisk the Carrot Dragon
Posted on 11-07-2018 01:14:07

Interestingly enough, it seems that when a Midgehunter is given the potion they turn a lovely shade of green. Time will tell if this change in hue will make it more troublesome to find and keep track of them as to not harm other companions. Originally the potions were used to mark the breeding pair to distinguish them from the rest.
Brisk the Carrot Dragon
Posted on 11-07-2018 01:18:50

The first child of a new breeding pair got interested in the stash of potions hidden away. She came out in a lovely shade of pink.

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