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Egg Killer You've sacrificed a seadrake for your own means. Are you sure you're meant for this job?
First Steps You've gathered your first four eggs!
Growing Keep You've gotten 50 creatures to call your own- keep going!
A Known Mage You've gotten 200 creatures; nothing can stop you now!
Rotten You've encountered a rot in your travels- and taken it.
Ghastly You've encountered a strange egg from the lost fields.
Space knows no limits You've bred a pulsar!
100 clicks a day You've clicked a hundred pets in one day.
500 Babies! You've clicked five hundred pets in one day.
1000 clicks? No problem. You've cared for 1000 creatures in a day.
5000 is nothing! You've clicked 5000 creatures in a day.
Blue is my bed You have 100,000 blue stones.
Blue is blue Have 1,000,000 blue stones.
Lotto Winner You've won the lottery!
Blue Petals Have 10 alt hua longs.
Dark Rainbows Have 10 alt arcus pluvius.
You said seven seas, right? Have seven seadrakes
Alechmagic You've made an alchemy pet!
Bone Snatcher You caught a Drac egg!

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