Custom Submissions

All Custom Item Information
These rules apply to the Daily Login and Patreon rewards.
General Custom Information

All custom items will be drawn by Forest of Mirrors staff, and will become items for general use on the site. Items on the site that you request are not for use on other site or your personal portfolio, including sites such as toyhouse, furaffinity, and deviantart.

Since custom items are drawn by a small team of staff (currently 1 artist), please note that this process will take time. There are no set deadlines for custom items being received, but they will try to be handed out in a timely manner.

Custom item requests have three steps that you will be requested to give feedback: Your initial submission, Approving the Initial Sketch, and Approving the Final Product. Not responding to the private message on any of these steps in a timely manner may result in your request taking longer time to complete.

Custom items are limited to designs you own or designs that are in the creative commons, i.e. Dracula, Sherlock Holmes, or your own OC. If you choose to submit a design based on your own OC, then you are acknowledging that the Forest of Mirrors site has the permission to redraw, host, and distribute this design to its users, without any ability to stop this distribution once it has been approved. Basically, once you give us permission you cannot take it back and submit another design. Custom items cannot be based on copyrighted material, and if copyrighted material is submitted and unnoticed until the content has been released, the content will be edited to be non-offending and the user will lose access to submitting custom designs.

Additionally, custom items must fit within the realm of Forest of Mirrors and must rely on an animistic or plant based base for its form. This means that humans, human shaped-dolls, anthropomorphic creatures, or things such as guns, cars, computers, etc. will not be accepted. This rule is at the discretion of the Forest of Mirrors staff.
Once your design has been completed, you do not get to choose where, when, or who is able to obtain this item. You are free to suggest where this item can be found, how rare it should be, and other values, but the final decision is at the discretion of the Forest of Mirrors staff, and if your request does not fit the vision that the team has for the site, it will be changed.

Approved Ideas That You Can Suggest:
• A Custom Achievement
Custom Bestiary Companion Rules

Custom Companion Requests Require a Custom Companion Kit
Custom Bestiary Companions come with the base design and four colors that you can choose. Additional colors for this design may be made depending on its release, that you are not able to choose; bug catching companions will receive eight elemental colors and the special colors, galactic, aqua, frost, storm, blood moon, and prism; store and alchemy companions will not receive any additional recolors; and box companions will receive only the special colors.

You are currently at this time able to choose these locations for your companion's release:
•Companion Store
•Bug Catching
Custom Forum Vista Rules

Custom Vista Requests Require a Blank Canvas
Custom Forum Vistas come with the sidebar image and top post border. You are also able to choose the post's text color, background color (plain or gradient), and post's text shadow. Forum Vistas can be released in the Vista Store, or through other means that you are free to suggest. Custom, one off Vistas will be considered depending on the subject requested.

You are currently at this time able to choose these locations for your vista's release:
•Vista Store
•User Suggested Location
Custom Creature Rules

Custom Creature Requests Require a Custom Creature Potion
Custom Creatures come with the egg, hatchling, teen, and adult sprites. Dimorphism is available for the price of (2) Custom Creature request items, and recolors in the forms of alternate art or the same art but recolored come at the price of (1) custom item per recolor, or (2) custom items with dimorphism. With custom creatures, you can write the description yourself and have it approved by the staff, or the staff will write the description for you. Additionally, creature requests are subject to extra scrutiny on the basis of theme and design in order to make sure that they fit within the world of Forest of Mirrors.

You are currently at this time able to choose these locations for your creature's release:
•Creche / Creche Unlockable Areas
•Quest Shop
•Box Reward
•Achievement Pet
•User Suggested Location

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