The Book of All- The Arcane Dragon Species

Breeding Class:  Amphitere
Locations found:  Creche, Ruins
Elemental Affinity: Life
Rarity: -Common
Diet: Birds, Fish, Fruit
Biome: Any Ruins
Weight: 120 lbs
Length: 1.2ft Tall / 7.5ft Long
The Arcane Dragon
150 Clicks Required to Grow

Up until the discovery of this species, it was thought that no common dragon was smart enough to comprehend mage level magic. With the discovery of the Arcane Dragon, it has now been proven that a species can comprehend the magic and can even comprehend the language to learn new magic. Now, it is often to see members of this species sitting in class alongside their owners, and attempting to learn the magic just as they are. This has lead to this species being regarded as one of the most vital species in the veil, both for improving the magic of mages but also for improving the general understanding of the intelligence levels of other species. These dragons, though, are completely blind, which has lead to hypotheses of how these species could have learned to understand language without being able to see. It is possible that they may have learned to use their magic to trace the outline of the written letters, but no one is sure.

Arcane dragons have human-level intelligence and possess their own culture, though, the difference in how they perceive the world means that very little arcane dragon lore and history has yet been shared with humans. A few mages can communicate mind-to-mind with their arcane dragons, but doing so can be risky, given the differences in perception. Arcane dragons communicate via telepathically-based impressions - not images, or even the sound-pictures used by bats, but the human mind will insist on fitting pictures to the impressions. Nausea is the least of the potential side effects.

(Extra Information by Mathcat)

Egg 0 to 60 clicks

0 Clicks
This egg gives off a beautiful glow.
10 Clicks
This egg gives off a beautiful glow. A crack has started near the top of the shell.
20 Clicks
This egg gives off a beautiful glow. The crack has grown.
30 Clicks
This egg gives off a beautiful glow. The crack now spans a third of the shell.
40 Clicks
This egg gives off a beautiful glow. The crack now covers half of the shell.
50 Clicks
This egg gives off a beautiful glow. The crack now spans the entire front of the shell.
60 Clicks
This egg gives off a beautiful glow. A hole has opened up in the front of the shell, and it seems to glow brighter!
Most arcane dragon eggs found in the creche were put there by parents wanting a human companion for their offspring. Some parents will even seek out a particularly promising mage to give their egg to (and then check up on them periodically).

70 clicks

This hatchling seems relatively dull. It also seems to lack any sort of eyes.
Arcane dragon hatchlings are only dull in appearance, not nature. They are very interested in spellwork from an early age and may clumsily attempt their own spells, with mixed results. Hatchlings pick up more than one might suspect (their handlers often refer to them as 'little feathered sponges' with equal parts irritation and amusement), so one must be careful what spells are worked in their presence. They will occasionally try to imitate other magic-using creatures and are particularly fascinated by pyro raptoria. Arcane hatchlings of all ages love stories, true or otherwise, and one way to get a restless hatchling to settle down is by promising to tell them a new story.

100 clicks

This hatchling seems relatively dull. It also seems to lack any sort of eyes. You can see the appearance of more color on the hatchling now, and it seems to use magic to get around. It also loves to help aid you in the formation of spells, and you greatly appreciate its kindness.
Arcane dragon teens have grown out of their hatchling clumsiness - both magical and physical - but have not lost their love for pranks and games. Adept magic-users, they seem to get particular joy out of correcting their mage's magic homework. Though arcane dragon magic is life-based, individual teens will often learn a few spells of another specialty as well - generally one related to the specialty of the mage who raised them. Arcane dragon teens still love spending time with their humans and often seem to have a hard time grasping that they're not really shoulder or lap dragons anymore. When they finally accept that they're large enough to bowl even a sturdy human over, they will take to using shoulders or laps as chin rests.

150 Clicks Required to Grow

Your hatchling has reached adulthood, and it still seems to lack any sort of way to see other than its magic, but it appears to be doing quite fine without. It seems to love using magic to grab items for itself and to scare off other dragons, often it will pick up a doll and use magic to move it and make it appear to be possessed. It seems to enjoy hanging around the magic classes in the castle, and you enjoy that you can often have your companion learning alongside you.
Arcane dragons all have strong magical abilities, but differing ambitions. Some want to use their magic to save the world, while others just want to use their talents for entertainment. Arcane dragons are social creatures that are happiest in flocks, so a mage with just one arcane dragon is likely to wake up one morning to find they're suddenly responsible for a dozen more. Older arcane dragons will often pick younger ones to mentor, which helps odd specialties and new spell innovations to spread throughout a flock. Arcane dragons have mastered writing to the point where they can record spells, but their way of viewing the world is different enough that no arcane dragon has yet been able to make a useful written record of their species' lore, history, or culture. With the help of those few mages able to successfully communicate mind-to-mind, though, they've been able to pass on a few simple stories. Arcane dragons who were born and raised at the castle (especially if several generations of ancestors were as well) will often use human mannerisms when they communicate. Some can even manage an unmistakable eye-roll despite a complete lack of eyes.
Both arcane and arcanus dragons can ascend, but few choose to do so, as many feel that the increased magical power is not worth the corresponding increase in size or the change in diet. For arcanus dragons, vanity is also sometimes an issue, as an ascended arcanus will lose its striking blue color. As a result, ascended arcane dragons are a rare sight, even at the castle.

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