The Book of All- The Charger Species

Breeding Class:  Dragon
Locations found:  Creche
Elemental Affinity: Nature
Rarity: -Rare
Diet: Grasses
Biome: Dark Mountain Peaks
Weight: 345 lbs
Length: 7ft Tall / 13ft Long
The Planet Charger
150 Clicks Required to Grow

Chargers are often seen throughout many of areas of the veil, although in each they are extremely rare, the only rarer creature than them is said to be a unicorn itself. They are one of the most powerful magic wielding species as well, able to entrance any creature that they want by showing their victim their wings, although due to their docile and kind nature they refuse to willingly use this power without having a bond with the creature or in defense. Sometimes a charger will allow its owner to ride it to and fro, and once done are inseparable with their owner. They are said to be one of the fastest rides, sometimes believed to not even touch the ground while running since it would harm grass. Due to this, it is thought they may have been the result of a lunar or solar wing and a unicorn being combined through magic, though there is no proof for this, and especially since combination magic has only been a recent discovery in the veil. It is said there are various types of chargers, though, each with a different wing pattern, and sometimes a different attitude, with comet chargers being the most kind and asteroid said to be the most irritable.

Chargers are one of the more common forms of transportation for mages living at the castle. Their hypnotic wings won't work on demons, but are otherwise useful for escaping from danger. Though many mages have their own preferred variety, all, even asteroid chargers, can be loyal companions. This is just as well, given that all varieties look alike to the casual observer until fully grown. Though vegetarian by nature, chargers who live at the castle often develop a taste for human foods, especially desserts, and anything left cooling on a windowsill is likely to vanish in several large bites.

(Extra Information by Mathcat)

Egg 0 to 60 clicks

0 Clicks
This egg is beautiful.
10 Clicks
This egg is beautiful. A crack has appeared at the top of the shell, although it is faint.
20 Clicks
This egg is beautiful. The crack has grown, although it is faint.
30 Clicks
This egg is beautiful. The crack now covers a third of the shell, although it is faint.
40 Clicks
This egg is beautiful. The crack now covers half of the shell, although it is faint.
50 Clicks
This egg is beautiful. The crack now covers the entire front of the shell, although it is faint.
60 Clicks
This egg is beautiful. A hole has opened up in the front of the shell, although bits and pieces of the shell still hang over it and block you from seeing inside.
Charger eggs are widely considered to be among the most beautiful. One theory behind why chargers are so common at the castle, despite being quite rare elsewhere, is that many mages can't help rescuing every charger egg they see. Not only are chargers useful creatures in general, but fragments of charger eggshell are always in high demand for art projects.

70 clicks

The hatchling that came from the egg is surprisingly dull, and it often sits alone and stares out your window. It will not let you look at its wings and prefers to sit down and remain out of view. It resembles a unicorn and a dragon in looks, and you are not sure what it more of.
Though chargers all look alike until fully grown, a careful observer can sometimes tell which they have from the moment the egg hatches. Galaxy, planet, and comet chargers all act much alike when young, but asteroid chargers will often draw blood before they're fully out of the shell. Training a charger this young is more frustrating than rewarding, given how shy they are, so many mages prefer to wait until their hatchling is fully grown.

100 clicks

Your hatchling has grown some, and still prefers to watch nature and care for plants and attempts to clean small puddles. Sometimes it will wander around and look for fish to place into the puddle, and you have to tell it to drop the fish and put it back. It still will not let you look at its wings though, and does not make any attempt to fly, instead preferring to run around and chase after your other hatchlings from the ground. It also tends to hang out at the stables and mingle with various types of equines.
By now, most chargers have firmly developed personalities. Galaxy and comet chargers will try to actively befriend other creatures, so they must be carefully watched to make sure they don't try this with a drachenleiche or anything else more likely to eat the hatchling than make friends with it. Planet charger hatchlings seem fascinated by nature, wandering through gardens and into fishponds. Luckily, they're too light on their feet to be particularly destructive and have an instinctive sense of what shouldn't be played with or eaten. Asteroid chargers are just as aggressive as they were before, often picking fights for the fun of it. Amusingly, they can sometimes intimidate far larger and stronger creatures into backing down.

150 Clicks Required to Grow

Your hatchling has finally grown, and you can see why it would not let you look at its wings before. The wings now bear some of the most beautiful markings you have ever seen, resembling the night sky in beauty. When you stare at them, though, you tend to get lost in a feeling of belonging and welcoming, and when you snap out of it you are in a vast field to the east of the castle. Your adult charger also now stands at around the size of a horse, and it often will defend you from harm, if you are ambushed it will flare its wings out and sometimes knock you off of its back, and will then tuck you under its wings. If anything dares to bother you it will often run inbetween you and and the attacker.
Adult chargers have finally grown into the promise shown by their egg. Each charger is said to have a unique pattern on the inside of its wings, though it's difficult to verify this because of the difficulty of examining the pattern without being hypnotized. Unlike some grown creatures, adult chargers can be readily trained, so many mages prefer to wait until their charger has its adult coloration before attempting to bond with them. The connection formed won't be as strong, but at least they won’t be struggling to train a hatchling so shy as to almost be invisible.

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