The Book of All- The Crobbit Species

Breeding Class:  Familiar
Locations found:  The Thirteenth Year, Raffle
Elemental Affinity: None
Rarity: -Event
Diet: Vegetables, Seeds
Biome: Dark Forest
Weight: 45 lbs
Length: 2ft Tall / 4.5ft Long
The Crobbit
Adult Only Species

Adult Only Species

A crobbit is a mysterious creature chosen by a few mages as their signature familiar. They are often described as making the sound of a fox and having the ability to shapeshift, but neither of these claims have been proven beyond rumor, especially since no one has heard what a crobbit says. They are one of the fastest familiars in the veil, able to deliver a letter to the highwatch tower within ten minutes or less, but often are not chosen due to the fact that they constantly require care and do not tend to serve their mage for long before deciding they would like to move on to other things. They are also normally very grumpy creatures, tending to bite and nip at their mages until the mage lets them wander. They are often known to play tricks and group together in a wandering tree until a person passes by and scream, though due to better management this does not occur as often.

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