The Book of All- The Emerald Dragon Species

Breeding Class:  Wyvern
Locations found:  Forest, Creche
Elemental Affinity: Stone
Rarity: -Rare
Diet: Eastern Deer
Biome: Pine Forests
Weight: 120 lbs
Length: 4ft Tall / 7.5ft Long
The Emerald Dragon
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Emerald dragons live in the upper regions of the taiga, often seen in the treetops, gliding from tree to tree to try and hunt their favorite prey, squirrels. They are around the size of a leopard, and are often fighting for food with them. They have a very inquisitive attitude, and if something intrigues them they will often be seen poking and prodding at it until they finally figure out what it is. They make complicated nests in the treetops, and often will weave a fifty foot mass of branches to nest one single egg, and both parents will guard it. They have had a steep decline in population due to hunting for their shiny hide, and now are protected and can only be gotten from the creche or an established breeder.

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This egg is a deep green color. It bears a small green gem on the top of the shell, and it shines in the sun.
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