The Book of All- The Garnet Dragon Species

Breeding Class:  Dragon
Locations found:  Creche
Elemental Affinity: Stone
Rarity: -Uncommon
Diet: Fruit, Sap
Biome: All Mountain Ranges
Weight: 155 lbs
Length: 4ft Tall / 7.5ft Long
The Garnet Dragon
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Garnet dragons are a very hyperactive breed of dragon, able to fly from mountain to mountain in a single glide. They constantly have to move or else they can get into fidgeting fits, and they must eat nearly once an hour to survive. They mostly consume fruit and sap from maple trees, often if they find a grove of them they will alert others of their kind, and can empty the grove within a day. They lay their eggs in small clutches at the top of trees to help prevent them from being stolen, and they will care for the eggs for up to three months.

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This egg is a dull red color. It has a small red gem on the top of it. It slightly shines in the sun.
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