The Book of All- The Glowwing Species

Breeding Class:  Dragon
Locations found:  The Thirteenth Year, Raffle
Elemental Affinity: None
Rarity: -Event
Diet: Seeds
Biome: Non-Natural
Weight: 155 lbs
Length: 2.5ft Tall / 7.5ft Long
The Glowwing
Adult Only Species

Adult Only Species

Glowwings are close relatives to glowwyrms, and are often seen at night lighting up the sky with a dull yellow color. They are only found during the tenth year, though, and can be encountered at both day and night. They also are only found in one color and are much larger than their wyrm counterparts, and often mages will get into arguments over which specie is better than the other. They for some reason have not been found to be able to breed, possibly hinting that they may be a hybrid in between a species of dragon and a glowwyrm, but it has not been discovered which one.

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