The Book of All- The Iceberg Drake Species

Breeding Class:  Drake
Locations found:  Creche, Ocean
Elemental Affinity: Water
Rarity: -Common
Diet: Fish, Sea Mammals
Biome: Northern Ocean
Weight: 325 lbs
Length: 4.5ft Tall / 7ft Long
The Iceberg
150 Clicks Required to Grow

Iceberg drakes are not wildly found in any areas of the veil, although it is highly suspected these drakes are not made from any sort of magic. Where they do reside, not even the highest mages can tell you, though it is greatly believed that they herald from somewhere outside of the great ring, or that they may be a creation from the water god. No further knowledge of these creatures has been found to tell us exactly where they may have resided, but their interesting growth patterns lead us to suspect a foolish mage may have preformed a very clever spell.

If certain venerable arcane dragons are to be believed, the first iceberg drake was created by an exiled arcane dragon's last desperate spell. Whatever the truth of this story, iceberg drakes are known for being friendly, helpful creatures and have a habit of rescuing drowning mages. Iceberg drakes will befriend just about anything, so luckily their large size and icy spines are enough to keep them safe from most dangers.

(Extra Information by Mathcat)

Egg 0 to 60 clicks

0 Clicks
This egg appears to be a chunk of ice.
10 Clicks
This egg appears to be a chunk of ice. A crack has opened in the top of the shell.
20 Clicks
This egg appears to be a chunk of ice. The crack has grown.
30 Clicks
This egg appears to be a chunk of ice. The crack now spans a third of the shell.
40 Clicks
This egg appears to be a chunk of ice. The crack now spans half of the shell.
50 Clicks
This egg appears to be a chunk of ice. The crack now covers the entire front of the shell.
60 Clicks
This egg appears to be a chunk of ice. A hole has opened up in the front of the shell, it must be close to hatching!
Iceberg drake eggs feel like ice and are certainly as cold, but will not melt. Still, for the comfort of the developing hatchling, it's best to keep the egg out of direct sunlight.

70 clicks

Is this.....some sort of joke? Where is the hatchling?
Newly-hatched iceberg drakes are almost indistinguishable from ice cubes, except for their ability to move about under their own power. They are happiest when kept in a cold environment with plenty of different textures to slide around on. While iceberg hatchlings don't need to eat, they will happily absorb a little fish broth if fed to them with an eyedropper. Some mages will also feed their hatchlings a few drops of berry juice, so as to be able to readily identify their iceberg in a crowd of ice cubes. Very adventuresome hatchlings will attempt to absorb anything they touch, with mixed results, but never seem to come to any harm by doing so (and they cause less damage to skin than a frozen metal pole would, so they can be handled without too many precautions).

100 clicks

The ice has grown? You aren\'t entirely sure now, but it does look incredibly pretty compared to the earlier form.
Iceberg teens are very social and will bond easily with cold-tolerant creatures. Sprite midges in particular love to climb on them, scrambling around in an attempt to avoid an impromptu ice bath as the iceberg drake rocks back and forth. Iceberg teens will attempt to feed any creature they consider a friend (up to and including their handler), though, still being young, their gifts usually consist of scales, bones, and whatever parts of their last snack they were unable to absorb.

150 Clicks Required to Grow

Although this dragon was recently a pile of ice, you are fine with how beautiful it is compared to any of the other dragons you have seen. The large spikes running down its spine resemble and feel like crystalline ice, and often you can only see them poking out of the water when it swims. You rarely ever see the dragon out of water, and often for good reason, since when it is on land it is often slow and lumbering. It also loves to munch upon any fish you happen to have lying around, and frequently you can see it have a large haul of caught fish perched atop its back.
Grown icebergs are very social and love a good scratch on the chin, though they'll also settle for kind words. With an iceberg drake as a friend, one will never lack for fish. An iceberg drake might also attempt to bring its handler new friends - seals, fierce white bears, and other strange creatures from the frozen northernmost reaches of the world. If not complimented on its finds, it will sulk for the rest of the day.

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