The Book of All- The Lettuce Dragon Species

Breeding Class:  Drake
Locations found:  Creche, Forest
Elemental Affinity: Nature
Rarity: -Very Common
Diet: Insects, Sunlight, Rocks
Biome: Grasslands
Weight: 455 lbs
Length: 4.5ft Tall / 8ft Long
The Lettuce Dragon
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Lettuce dragons are one of the stoutest breeds of dragon, their large, lumbering bodies often making them take hours to get from place to place. They often are seen basking in the sun outside of the castle on most days, and occasionally one may fall down the hill and start rolling until they hit a rock or lose momentum. The large, leafy growths on their head allow them to use the sun as food, and the fluff that covers their bodies enables them to retain heat for long periods of time. Their eggs are often found in most gardens, and many people welcome them since they often take care of their plants.

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This egg smells of grass. It has a light green sheen to it, and most of your creatures try to eat it.
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