The Book of All- The Noise Dragon Species

Breeding Class:  Wyvern
Locations found:  Creche
Elemental Affinity: None
Rarity: -Very Common
Diet: Cattle, Large Mammals
Biome: All Desert
Weight: 170 lbs
Length: 3.5ft Tall / 6ft Long
The Noise Dragon
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Noise dragons are one of the most hated dragons in the veil, their loud clamoring and annoying noises often waking up anyone in the castle when one flies over. They do not like to stop chattering, often throwing a fit when they are muzzled. They live in large groups, normally around ten to twenty dragons, and hunt in packs. They often send five or more of their pack to confuse their prey with their voice, and then send in 5 more to cut it off and confuse it on the ground, while the two leaders go in for the kill. They often use their large wings to direct their sound during these hunts, and the large claws on their feet allow them to easily slice through flesh. During the mating season, they are considered pest, crowding the lower desert region with masses of hundreds, with males fighting over females with loud noise contests.

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This egg has three yellow stripes along its shell. It is repulsed by most of your dragons.
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