The Book of All- The Peryton Species

Breeding Class:  Familiar
Locations found:  The Thirteenth Year, Raffle
Elemental Affinity: None
Rarity: -Event
Diet: Any Meat
Biome: Dark Forest
Weight: 120 lbs
Length: 3ft Tall / 5ft Long
The Peryton
Adult Only Species

Adult Only Species

Perytons are strange and mysterious familiars, known to be the fastest at delivering letters. They are not used except by a few mages of the high order due to the fact, that although they seem harmless, they must feed on a constant supply of blood and flesh to keep from becoming monstrous beasts. They often are seen sitting in trees in the hallowed wood, waiting for any lost traveler to fall into their sharp talons and hooves. They are equally feared amoung the dragons and other species around the veil, and for this reason the hallowed woods only harbor undead beasts who are not harmed by their feasting, or a lost pumpkin or two.

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