The Book of All- The Radish Dragon Species

Breeding Class:  Dragon
Locations found:  Creche, Forest
Elemental Affinity: Nature
Rarity: -Very Common
Diet: Insects, Sunlight, Rocks
Biome: Grasslands
Weight: 335 lbs
Length: 4.7ft Tall / 6ft Long
The Radish Dragon
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Radish dragons are a very temperamental and rash type of dragon, often seen lashing out at the other vegetative dragons that may be nearby it. They have a spicy smell that complements their attitude. They are often seen living in small family groups of five, and once they have three children they will leave any other eggs to the elements, and often these are collected and placed in the creche. They have large, leafy growths on their heads that allow them to use the sun for food, and their long, whip-like tails allow them to defend themselves from anything that may be trying to harm them.

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This egg is a reddish green color. It smells faintly of spice and other creatures try to eat it.
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