The Book of All- The Ruby Dragon Species

Breeding Class:  Dragon
Locations found:  Mountains, Creche
Elemental Affinity: Stone
Rarity: -Rare
Diet: Anything
Biome: Western Volcanic Ridge
Weight: 240 lbs
Length: 5.7ft Tall / 14.5ft Long
The Ruby Dragon
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Ruby dragons live in the highest volcanoes that surround the edge of the veil. They are solitary and do not stand having the presence of any other creatures, and to hunt they often have to fly miles before they spot any prey. They will eat anything they can get, and are not picky as to if it is a cricket or a buffalo. The large spines on their backs allow them a necessary defense from most predators or attacking dragons, and they often hide their eggs near lava pools to help deter any sort of animal from eating them. They have seen a sharp decline in population due to hunting, and any eggs found in the wild are now protected from being taken. The only way to get the eggs now is to get them from the creche, or from an established breeder.

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This egg is a deep red color. It bears a small red gem on the top of the shell, and it shines in the sun.
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