The Book of All- The Sapphire Dragon Species

Breeding Class:  Amphitere
Locations found:  Creche
Elemental Affinity: Stone
Rarity: -Rare
Diet: Birds, Occasionally Mammals
Biome: Humid Jungle
Weight: 365 lbs
Length: 3ft Tall / 17.5ft Long
The Sapphire Dragon
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Sapphire dragons live in the deepest of the western jungles, often in the deep caverns formed by sink holes that dot the jungle. They lack any limbs and have two pairs of wings, allowing them to be excellent in flight. Their wings, unlike most dragons, are feathered, and this allows them to fly silently without being heard. They mainly feast on tropical birds and the occasional large rodent, and will bring back their hunt by mouth to their lair to share with any other dragons that live there. They are highly sought after for the fact their hide resembles the prettiest of gems, and their population has seen a steep decline in the recent years, and rules are now made against hunting them to protect the future of the species.

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This egg is a deep blue color. It bears a small blue gem on the top of the shell, and it shines in the sun.
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