The Book of All- The SeaDrake Species

Breeding Class:  Dragon
Locations found:  Creche, Ocean
Elemental Affinity: Water
Rarity: -Common
Diet: Fish, Shellfish
Biome: Any Ocean Coast
Weight: 175 lbs
Length: 3.5ft Tall / 6.5ft Long
The Seadrake
150 Clicks Required to Grow

Seadrakes are an unusual species of dragon, often found with many colors that can only be found when bred in captivity. They are an extremely antisocial species, preferring to form tight knit groups with their own kind and color instead of with other species. They are only found deep in the ocean or during the beginning of the elventh year, and are often collected during this time in large amounts, for members of factions other than water are not allowed access to the deep. It is said that this deep water area may hold more color variants of seadrake, though it is unknown if this is true or not.

Even with their antisocial behavior and hard requirements to raise, seadrakes are still adored by many mages who make it their yearly class distraction to discover as many new colors as possible. Mages have been known to hoard hundreds of the dragons in an attempt to find just one different color variant. Surprisingly, these mages are still sane and haven't lost their minds over the multitude of colors and attitudes that these dragons possess.

Egg 0 to 60 clicks

0 Clicks
This egg is various shades of blue.
10 Clicks
This egg is various shades of blue. A small crack has opened in the top of the shell.
20 Clicks
This egg is various shades of blue. The crack has grown.
30 Clicks
This egg is various shades of blue. The crack now spans a third of the shell.
40 Clicks
This egg is various shades of blue. The crack now covers half of the shell, and water sometimes leaks out.
50 Clicks
This egg is various shades of blue. The crack now covers the entire shell, and you need to keep a towel under the egg to keep it from getting everything wet.
60 Clicks
This egg is various shades of blue. A hole has opened up in the front, and a pair of eyes peek out at you. Water is surrounding the entirety of the egg.
Seadrake eggs are the same for each and every morph that hatches from the egg. Be it the tidal or the freshwater variant, no egg is different than the other. This often frustrates many mages due to the fact that these dragons come in a variety of colors, and one may never know what was inside the egg until it hatches.

70 clicks

The baby that hatched from the egg is very antisocial, often attacking your other hatclings for trying to communicate with it. It prefers to stay underwater until all of the other dragons have left, and a faint light emits from its body.
Seadrake hatchlings are ornery and frustrating to raise, due to their want for peace and quiet. In the wild, these hatchlings are usually found in extremely deep water, where barely any creatures live. In their castle, these hatchlings are confined to shallow pools that are shared with many other hatchlings, and it often will attempt to defend itself from them as it perceives these "intruders" as a imminent threat.

100 clicks

Your hatchling has grown and still retains its antisocial attitude. Your other dragons are beginning to resent it, and it constantly spends more time in the water. It prefers to spend its time deep under the local lake, and you often do not see it for days.
Once a seadrake hatchling grows wings, it is often allowed to wander out of the range of the mage taking care of it. This leads to the hatchling becoming less mean but it is still quick to aggravate when intruded upon. A mage taking care of one of these hatchlings will learn to let their hatchling return to them instead of seeking it out, and if a mage does not learn, they may end up with bite marks and scratches from trying to drag the hatchling back to its home. Dragons under the care of mages who learn the hard way begin to feel that seadrakes are a violent breed and begin to shun them.

150 Clicks Required to Grow

You hatchling has grown, and you now only catch glimpses of your adult dragon. Its feet have morphed into large fins to allow it to swim deep and stay underwater for extended periods of time, and it often only returns to see you when it is the tenth month, or when it is hurt. It is shunned by your other dragons, and it seems to not care particularly, instead forming a small group with other seadrakes to get its social interaction.
An adult seadrake is a rare creature to see in the wild, and even rarer to see in the castle. These dragons are almost always water-bound and prefer to spend their time with others of their kind, instead of with the mage that raised them or other species of dragon. In turn, other species tend to ignore these dragons with disdain for their lack of interaction. They seem to not mind though, until the 10th month of the year cycle where many of the lakes freeze over, and because the castle is too far away from the ocean for them to travel, they must spend their time above water and try to form social bonds with your other creatures. If a mage is not careful, during this time a fight might break out.

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