The Book of All- The Small Demon Species

Breeding Class:  Familiar
Locations found:  The Tenth Year
Elemental Affinity: Dark
Rarity: -Event
Diet: Nothing
Biome: Dark Edge
Weight: 10 lbs
Length: .5ft Tall / .5ft Long
The Bluestone Demon
Adult Only Species

Small demons are strangely allowed to be kept by mages if found, despite their dubious origins, and much scarier older family. These tiny demons are harmless, though, depending on what they are made of. There have been reports of multiple elemental types being found, and some of these elements seem to lack any sort of connection to our own magic. As such, if found, these mysterious sprites make great study material for a thesis.

Many mages have tried to research the various types of small demon, but all have been hampered by the tendency of even the mellowest to cause mischief. Though not overtly harmful, small demons are inherently aggravating, overturning inkwells, turning notes into confetti, and turning irreplaceable books into elaborate origami sculptures.
(Extra Information by Mathcat)

Adult Only Species

Bluestone demons appear to be what happens when a bluestone is possessed by some small black soul. These stones, though, are quite calm. And somewhat dull, to say the least. They do absorb magic for later use, much like the regular stones, but with their added intelligence have no idea how to use it.
Bluestone demons may not know what to do with the magic they absorb, but they need no lessons in being a pain in the neck. If one opens one's purse to find fewer coins than were there the previous day, the cause is probably a bluestone demon scooped up with the change from the latest shopping trip.
(Extra Information by Mathcat)

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