Castle Leadership

Next week has been designated as a bonus week! The winning clan will receive five extra scours, four bonus egg slots, a 30% discount on all NPC shops, and an even more frequent box drop rate!

In the middle of the castle Foyer lies an interesting object- a scoreboard with various elemental runic symbols and points assigned next to them. As far as most mages can tell, it's been there since forever- prompting them to take up arms against each other in good deeds and magely tasks- from adopting lost eggs to creating new alchemy creatures, each one has a specific points value that contributes to their element's score.

The current clan in control is life, while the light is the current points leader.

Clans in control earn themselves one extra scour slot, one extra egg slot, a 10% discount on all NPC shops, a more frequent box drop rate and bonus stones from clicking.

6629 Points
4585 Points
2363 Points
1193 Points
447 Points
141 Points
0 Points
This clan is currently in power and cannot be chosen for leadership again.

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