Unnamed the Angry Midgewing

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Owner: Gryffi
Gender: Female
Orgin: Unknown
Season: Winter
Time: Morning
Birthdate: 03-21-2015 14:36:01

Your hatchling has finally grown, but it still resorts to chriping for any sort of demand it may have. It is fairly tiny compared to your other dragons, but that does not stop it from pestering them with demands and often will land atop of one's head and chirp and bite at it until it gets what it wants. It is often seen raiding your pack for any fruit that may be inside and will often chirp and nip at you until you get some if you do not have any. If you leave it to its own doings in your room when you decide to leave for a bit, you often return to a scene of destruction, ripped up papers, and torn up robes. No matter what you do to tell it to stop, it tends to not listen, and you can feel an urge to not punish it when you do.

Midgewings are one, if not the, smallest breed of dragon in the veil. They were originally thought to be a hybrid species from a bird and a dragon, but with the recent studies of the forest it is found they are a rare example of a feathered dragon. They often are seen feasting on the fruits of the forest, and if they are attacked or pestered they can use a weak form of magic that bends the will and thoughts of the attacker. Studies have been done to try and amplify this magic for dark uses, but it has only resulted in corrupted forms of midgewings wandering through the depths of the forest.

Pygmy draco are described as small draco that may have any sort of number of wings or limbs, but all have in common their distinct small size. Often they range from the size of a small cat to even the size of a lizard, and they are usually seen in forested areas around the veil. They commonly possess a very distinct sense of playfulness and all will often play pranks and mess with their nest mates or owners. They lack any sort of intelligence, though, and are often seen as merely pets in the higher parts of society, though in some of the more uneducated areas of the veil they are sill revered and kept a good distance away from.

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