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Tasty the Blorf Carrot Drake

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Owner: Jeredu
Species:Carrot Drake
Gender: Male
Orgin: Lost Fields
Season: Spring
Time: Morning
Birthdate: 02-06-2018 14:13:10

Tasty has a Autumn Wind Figure to play with! They have bonded 0 times.

Your carrot drake has finally matured, and it seems to be incredibly smart. It is able to solve small problems to retrieve treats and often seems to scheme to trick your other dragons. It does not smell at all like it did before, and it has gained a much more pleasant smell that reminds you faintly of a flower in bloom. It also seems to love basking in the sun and lazily relaxing, though it does have random bursts of energy that feed its mischievous side.

Carrot dragons are one of the oddest species of dragon, lacking wings, and having large, vegetative growths sprouting from their backs. They are very good jumpers, though, and often can be seen basking on the roof of the castle. They have the capability to solve complex problems, often if you put one into cage it will figure out how to get out of it by the time night falls. Their extreme intelligence often gets them into trouble though, as they tend to dig up and mess around with stuff in order to find out how it works. They do not eat or consume food, instead often sitting in the sun for long hours asleep, and when awakened they will be extremely energetic.

Drakes are described in the old lore as being bulky, flightless draco who possess a distinct lack of smarts and flame. In the new world, they still fall under this description, but drakes may have large, useless wings that may be used to swim with or used as a way to attack and protect their owner. They still are often confused for dragons, and many a time a drake has caused a bought of panic in a village for fear that the town may burst into fire.

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