Unnamed the Goofy Sky Amphitere

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Owner: Q
Species:Sky Amphitere
Gender: Male
Orgin: Creche
Season: Winter
Time: Dusk
Birthdate: 07-27-2018 23:41:27

Your creature is now a fully grown adult, and it is often away for long periods of time. It only returns for short periods of a week to collect food and to converse with your new creatures, and you often have a basket of fish set aside for when it does. It is an amazing flier, able to out perform any of your black dragons, but it is too small to allow you to ride it. You often use it to fetch food for your other dragons, its long and nimble body allowing it to quickly dive to catch its prey.

Sky amphitere are a strange breed, with their only way of locomotion being flying. They are unlike the Sapphires in the fact that their wings are like other dragons, making them fall into a breed class of their own. They are excellent fliers, able to fly across the entire continent without resting. They can fly from the moment that they are born, and unlike other dragons they do not stay around there parents once born due to this. They mainly feast on fish, often diving into the water to catch their prey. They cannot be used as steeds, although many a foolish mage has tried, often falling off into a pool of water.

Amphiteres are large, legless and armless serpents that often possess multiple pairs of wings. They are usually bound to flying and are rarely seen on the ground. Found in the high volcanic regions of the veil or in the deep areas of the jungle or oceanic surrounding areas, they exclusively feast on fish and other sea creatures. Often, volcanic amphiteres will be seen flying long distances for this valuable prey. They used to be worshipped as gods in the older civilizations surrounding the areas of their dwellings, and large areas of stone slabs can be found carved with depictions of them in the center regions of the jungle.

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