Unnamed the Plutarian

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Owner: Q
Gender: Egg
Orgin: Battle
Season: Fall
Time: Afternoon
Birthdate: 08-15-2018 15:56:39

An interesting creature indeed, although Plutarians resemble harmless beings that one may encounter on their usual treks through the Veil, they are actually a form of lesser demon, much like the wisps. These creatures, though, have a size that can easily rival typical dragons, and can be a threat if intelligent enough to realize their purpose. Thankfully, they are commonly one of the dullest creatures in the Veil, and pose no threat- often, they are more than willing to join a mage on whatever journey may be in store for them, provided you lure them with the promise of food.

Plutarians, as their name states, are the result of someone foolish, or brave enough, to rip off the protective chalice that holds a Plutas orb in place. These creatures are then able to freely wander through the Veil in a physical form, taking the orb with them as their headpiece. No one is entirely sure where the legs and wing contents come from, although it is assumed by many mages that these parts are the pieces that were removed to form the eyes, then subsequently morphed into the accompanying body parts. Plutarians have a nasty habit of trying to immaterialize themselves once they've been trapped in a physical form, with often hilarious results- as the beasts think that no one can see them, when, in fact, they're in plain view. This behaviour sometimes fulfills its purpose, as occasionally a Plutarian will shatter its headpiece on a door or wall as it thinks to pass through it.

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