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Tik the Lovelorn Cocowyrm

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Owner: Tsuni
Gender: Female
Orgin: Alchemy
Season: Summer
Time: Night
Birthdate: 02-11-2018 01:56:45

This strange wyrm, that seems to be an animated palm tree, is quite protective of its hoard of coconuts. It will spend hours sitting on one, until it gets stolen or hungry- in which the wyrm decides to eat the coconut. It is a convenient size for carrying, although it seems to lack any truly useful powers that set it apart from any other things you could decide to stuff in your bag.

Wyrms are large, serpent like draco who may possess only back legs and have large, useless wings, or may be completely limbless. Their main forms of attack are biting with a poison bite, or with some limbless varieties, stinging with a toxic laced tail. They are usually found in desert or arid regions, hiding in the scrub and waiting for their next prey. They are also characterized by their strict diet of raw meat, and the fact that they refuse to eat any meat that has been cooked or is not fresh. Due to this, the old way to tell a wyrm from a wyvern was to offer it cooked meat and see if it took it.

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