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Unnamed the Valiant Snapdragon

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Owner: haineeezinha
Gender: Female
Orgin: Forest
Season: Summer
Time: Morning
Birthdate: 01-08-2017 15:41:44

Your hatchling has grown now, and it seems to be quite the curious beast. Unlike most other twin headed draco, the two heads on it are significantly underformed, lacking eyes, nostrils, and a brain cavity. Instead, they are large, flat, and with extremely long fangs that interlock for an almost unbreakable seal. It is a dangerous monster of a creature, and has more than once tried to eat your other creatures. As such, you've kept it far away from your own.

Snapdragons are monstrous beasts, using their multiple heads to consume as much food as they possibly can. These somewhat elusive beasts are prone to hiding underground, with the subheads sitting above the surface, with the foliage frill around their bases peeking out. This camouflage allows for these beasts to lie in wait until an animal walks by, and then, by using the photo-receptor remains of eyes on their heads, will sense the prey and snap their massive jaws closed on whatever it may be. The monsters are willing to consume whatever prey enters their territory, so many creatures fear their territory. Due to them, the jungles are more than dangerous to traverse.

Twin draco are a curious and strange breed of dracos, known for their multiple heads. These multiple heads often argue and fight with each other, though they often use their multiple heads to confuse and annoy their prey. Often it is said that if a head of a twin is cut off, another will grown back in its place. With some species, it is said that sometimes over two heads may grow back in its place. Twins are often found in forested areas of the veil, due to the fact that they often are able to put their bodies behind a tree and hide it and use their multiple heads to scare off any predators by making it seem that there are multiple creatures surrounding it. Some species have also been found to have a modified variant of a head, that appears to be a sort of vine with a mouth instead of a full face.

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