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Unnamed the Entrancing Armor Drake

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Owner: MelancLucy
Species:Armor Drake
Gender: Female
Orgin: Alchemy
Season: Winter
Time: Afternoon
Birthdate: 09-27-2018 20:41:02

Your hatchling has grown and it seems to be an enchanted piece of armor instead of a true dragon. Your other magical dragons are weary of this creature, especially since its origins of summoning are unknown. Any attempts to probe it for its magical focal end up in a location in no where.

Armor dragons are said to be the result of an enchantment becoming a wild species. These dragons are often studied by mages hoping to learn summoning magic , as they are regarded as a perfect example of a successful and possibly overly successful summon.

Drakes are described in the old lore as being bulky, flightless draco who possess a distinct lack of smarts and flame. In the new world, they still fall under this description, but drakes may have large, useless wings that may be used to swim with or used as a way to attack and protect their owner. They still are often confused for dragons, and many a time a drake has caused a bought of panic in a village for fear that the town may burst into fire.

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