Unnamed the Silly Leaf Midge

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Owner: haineeezinha
Species:Leaf Midge
Gender: Female
Orgin: Unknown
Season: Summer
Time: Afternoon
Birthdate: 03-13-2015 21:53:50

Your hatchling has grown now to be about the size of a sycamore leaf and spends its time hidden in the canopies of nearby trees. It has taken to being independent from your other leaves and instead brings home its own kills and hunts without a group. Its diet consists mainly of berries and tree buds but you have learned that it has begun to feed on the birds that it has caught and does not turn down an offer of meat if handed.

Unlike the other leaf dragons, the Greenleaf is a solitary species. Instead of hunting in small colonies like Deadleaves or Winterleaves, Greenleaves prefer to take down their kills and not share with any other of their kind, or a curious mango. These leaves are the stronger of the species and do not need protection from strong wind or inclement weather, unlike the other discovered variants. Many mages prefer to raise this breed instead of undertaking the difficulty in raising the weaker varieties.

Dragons are regarded to be the most crucial creatures in the forest, due to the many legends surrounding a group of seven who created this world, yet there are no rock solid specimens of proof to suggest this. They are still worshiped by the less advanced villages, and often are given offerings of food and gifts of gems to earn their favor for protection and to hopefully one day own an egg from these majectic creatures. Many species exist, each with their own special powers, but there are many more discovered nearly every day, and we have yet to know why.

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