Unnamed the Blonde Cactus Flower Pygmy

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Owner: Q
Species:Cactus Flower Pygmy
Gender: Male
Orgin: Creche
Season: Summer
Time: Night
Birthdate: 12-10-2018 23:29:16

Your hatchling has grown now, and it is very fond of hunting and catching its own food- but would much prefer to eat any succulents and cactus that you have. It's made decorating your room with the newest fashion difficult- so on more than one occasion you've come home to find soil spilled on the floor and a missing Peyote or two. Thankfully it isn't too hard to keep an eye on it when you need to- you've found that turning on the lights makes it go to bed.

Cactus flower pygmies, also sometimes known as desert rose pygmies or simply cactus pygmies, are fairly standard faire when it comes to desert wildlife. They're best known for the lovely scent that they produce in adulthood, which is highly reminiscent of a rose bush in full bloom. Their unique smell isn't their only defining trait, though- these pygmies make their homes inside of cacti, where they spend most of their days inside of their burrows until the sun sets. These house serve two purposes- to allow them easy access to water in their arid environment, and a natural protection from the more dangerous creatures that live there.

Pygmy draco are described as small draco that may have any sort of number of wings or limbs, but all have in common their distinct small size. Often they range from the size of a small cat to even the size of a lizard, and they are usually seen in forested areas around the veil. They commonly possess a very distinct sense of playfulness and all will often play pranks and mess with their nest mates or owners. They lack any sort of intelligence, though, and are often seen as merely pets in the higher parts of society, though in some of the more uneducated areas of the veil they are sill revered and kept a good distance away from.

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