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Dizasis the Charming Chicken

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Owner: Mathcat
Gender: Female
Orgin: Unknown
Season: Fall
Time: Morning

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The creature has now grown, and you have to move it outside now. It does not need you to keep it warm, and it will often run away from you when you try to get near it. It hangs out around other types of its species, and they will often form large groups that can eat all the bugs in a field. It also has very strong legs that allow it to run very fast, and at the same time hurt something that may be chasing it. They seem to lay a constant amount of eggs, that you have found most do not hatch. Often, your other creatures will steal a few and eat them.

Chickens are creatures from the old world that used to exist before this place. There are multiple types that exist, often with them being breeds with beautiful plumage and fanciful patterns. Chickens tend to form flocks that can span tens of feet, often eating any insect that they can find. They constantly lay eggs that can be eaten, and many villages keep dozens of them for food. They have the ability to outrun any creature other than the lizard, though rarely you can see one with its new found catch.

Bronze RacingWon on 06-25-2018.

Bronze SwimmingWon on 07-07-2018.

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