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Unnamed the Mundane Undine Wyrm

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Owner: haineeezinha
Species:Undine Wyrm
Gender: Female
Orgin: Unknown
Season: Winter
Time: Morning

Your hatchling has grown now and its length easily allows for it to span across your room. It has full control over water now and you carefully watch it, as it often will take the chance to control a water based dragon with its powers instead of using them just for hunting and defense. It can hold a very powerful trance over any of these species and you can see now why it was incredibly regulated to only people the clan could trust.

Undine Wyrms are a highly regulated species controlled by the water clan due to the fact that they can be misused to disable any water based species and turn them on their owners. Before this control, undines were quite rare in the wild and hard to tame, but few mages were able to control them. One of these mages realised that their control of water was not just limited to control of lakes and streams, and proceeded to sell these eggs to enemies of the water clan with the full intent of controlling their gem. Thankfully, other clans caught wind of this and realised that the fall of one will lead to the fall of them, and turned the offender in and set out to collect all of the species for captivity.

Wyrms are large, serpent like draco who may possess only back legs and have large, useless wings, or may be completely limbless. Their main forms of attack are biting with a poison bite, or with some limbless varieties, stinging with a toxic laced tail. They are usually found in desert or arid regions, hiding in the scrub and waiting for their next prey. They are also characterized by their strict diet of raw meat, and the fact that they refuse to eat any meat that has been cooked or is not fresh. Due to this, the old way to tell a wyrm from a wyvern was to offer it cooked meat and see if it took it.

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