Unnamed the Brave Shadowlake Dweller

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Owner: haineeezinha
Species:Shadowlake Dweller
Gender: Female
Orgin: Creche
Season: Spring
Time: Night
Birthdate: 01-08-2017 03:48:43

Your, uh, hatchling(?), has grown now, and it seems to be quite, well, uh, interesting? It isn't really around anymore, but you are somewhat thankful for that- because it is quite terrifying and a monstrosity to witness, with its multiple limbs, odd posture, and large claws. It doesn't seem to be willing to associate with you for sure, although you don't mind that it prefers to stay alone- it is terrifying enough to earn itself the space for it to be alone.

Shadowlake Dwellers are monsters said to dwell deep within the Lake of Shadows, located through the Lost Fields. As such, not much is known about these creatures in their natural habitat, and even with a few specimens in captivity, these beasts are incredibly hard to monitor- due to the fact that they can turn invisible at will. As such, many mages who dare to raise a hatchling of these beasts will often find themselves worrying where their precious child has run off to, or if they have been kidnapped, only to finally make the connection that the odd lump in the blanket is what they were looking for the whole time. Interestingly enough, once disturbed, these creatures lose their cloaking abilities, and the properties of why this occurs is still being discussed.

Beasts are creatures created from the leftover wild energy from the old world. Often, these creatures are mashed together with parts from many of the creatures that used to exist in this world. These creatures are the strongest that can be found, but are extremely rare, and some species are not even known to exist besides in textbooks and old tomes of lore. Even the most aggravated red will back down when faced with one of these creatures, which luckily for the dragon will most likely never occur during its lifetime. These creatures are said to even equal the creators in power, and many a story has been written about how these creatures have battled against them.

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