Unnamed the Interesting Tree Hopper

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Owner: Q
Species:Tree Hopper
Gender: Female
Orgin: Creche
Season: Winter
Time: Dusk
Birthdate: 07-27-2018 23:40:46

Your hatchlings wings have finally grown in, and its body is now much more proportionate. You now have an adult Tree Hopper, and it has taken to eating the strangest things, from bugs and rocks to small birds and snakes. It has the ability to stick to walls for a short time, and its strong back legs allow it to hop over ten feet. It often will go swimming in the same water pools it was raised, and if you sneak up on it while it is doing such it will dive under water until you leave. It also seems to enjoy hiding itself among the thick trees in the groves outside the castle, and if you walk through them to find it, it will sometimes hop out from one and tackle you.

Tree hoppers are an odd mix of an amphibian and a dragon, said to be created by a mage long ago who was messing around with their assignment. They have then since spread to be found in most rivers, lakes, and ponds that dot the veil, though are rarely seen due to the fact they are highly skittish and will descend into the water when scared. They have the odd habit of eating anything that moves, sometimes going as far as consuming leaves or rocks that get blown in the wind. Their main food is insects, though, and will gladly spend a day in the treetops stalking any sort of them that they may come across. They have the odd habit of sometimes tackling people that walk below their roosts, though it is unknown if this is because they mistake them for food or if they are trying to play.

Dragons are regarded to be the most crucial creatures in the forest, due to the many legends surrounding a group of seven who created this world, yet there are no rock solid specimens of proof to suggest this. They are still worshiped by the less advanced villages, and often are given offerings of food and gifts of gems to earn their favor for protection and to hopefully one day own an egg from these majectic creatures. Many species exist, each with their own special powers, but there are many more discovered nearly every day, and we have yet to know why.

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