Unnamed the Superb Coal Split

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Owner: Upper Center
Species:Coal Split
Gender: Hatchling
Orgin: Unknown
Season: Spring
Time: Gilden
Birthdate: 02-06-2018 05:00:04

This hatchling constantly fights inbetween its two heads. It radiates heat and often leaves a trail of soot wherever it walks.

Coal splits are a rare an elusive breed, banned from being imported to the castle unless by a breeder or given by a permitted council member. This is due to the fact that they leave a noxious and dirty trail of soot behind them wherever they walk, and that their spines emit flames at all times. If not handled well, these creatures may end up alighting a whole village in flame for one trouble maker. These creatures do not act out on their own though, but will chase down and reprimand anything that has broken a promise, lied, or harmed someone and not apologized. Due to this, often their eggs were placed in the shoes of naughty children who would not apologize, so that when they went to make more trouble their feet would be burned and they would be stuck to raise the coal split and learn responsibility.

Twin draco are a curious and strange breed of dracos, known for their multiple heads. These multiple heads often argue and fight with each other, though they often use their multiple heads to confuse and annoy their prey. Often it is said that if a head of a twin is cut off, another will grown back in its place. With some species, it is said that sometimes over two heads may grow back in its place. Twins are often found in forested areas of the veil, due to the fact that they often are able to put their bodies behind a tree and hide it and use their multiple heads to scare off any predators by making it seem that there are multiple creatures surrounding it. Some species have also been found to have a modified variant of a head, that appears to be a sort of vine with a mouth instead of a full face.

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