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Unnamed the Grumpy Valerian Wing Dragon

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Owner: haineeezinha
Species:Valerian Wing Dragon
Gender: Male
Orgin: Creche
Season: Spring
Time: Night
Birthdate: 01-06-2017 02:34:02

Your hatchling has grown now- and despite being bound and most of its energy pouring into an opal, it still is incredibly powerful. During these boughts of magic insanity, as you refer to it, it seems to be unable to think properly, attacking anything and anyone who gets in its way, be it man, beast, or table. You have learned from loosing your first piece of furniture to keep it outdoors, as the fines that the council imposes are ridiculous.

Valerian Wing Dragons are said to be the result of a corrupt life spell gone wrong. These massive beasts, nearly twice the size of a normal wing dragon, radiate life magic, almost to a dangerous level. Stories of objects coming to life from being in the presence of older specimens of this species are not unheard of, and some mages, as a precaution, cast binding spells upon first receiving an egg. Mages that forgo this step are often never heard from after a few months, and many times the draco they attempted to raise will show up at the castle and need to be slain- for it has been driven mad by some unknown force.

Wing draco are an odd breed of draco, only walking on two legs, although they have two arms. They also posses two very large wings compared to their bodies, and are masters at flight. They are rarely found in the wild, and in fact the collection of their species has been banned unless you possess a special permit issued by the high council. Due to this, and their extreme rarity, they are an elusive breed and only handed out as a gift for completing certain tasks or serving the castle.

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