Lord Phoenix the Lazy Dark Phoenix

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Owner: Balloon
Name:Lord Phoenix
Species:Dark Phoenix
Gender: Male
Orgin: Unknown
Season: Spring
Time: Afternoon
Birthdate: 03-02-2015 15:47:25

Your hatchling has grown now and its ability to heal itself is quite impressive. It luckily, though, it easily able to stay out of trouble, thanks to its flying and slightly bad attitude. It is not unwilling to peck a red dragon if it so sees fit, and you wonder how such a small bird is so brave against a creature feared by mages.

Phoenixes are not actually capable of turning themselves into eggs, and as such, their population is not stagnant. Even so, they are able to heal injuries that would otherwise kill or seriously maim any other creature, by use of their skilled magic. During this healing, a phoenix is very vulnerable to attack, which is why they set themselves inside a ball of fire to prevent their untimely death. A phoenix is able to live for hundreds of years due to this ability, and many mages take it upon themselves to study these birds in hopes of learning their magic- though be warned, many failed attempts of mimicry have led to creatures of undead horrors...

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