Gecko Who the Laudable Balsa Wyrm

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Owner: Balloon
Name:Gecko Who
Species:Balsa Wyrm
Gender: Male
Orgin: Unknown
Season: Winter
Time: Afternoon

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Not much is known about Balsa Wyrms, but stories tell of a great entity that brought a single tree to life, twisting and tangling branches and roots to form this creature.

Dragons are regarded to be the most crucial creatures in the forest, due to the many legends surrounding a group of seven who created this world, yet there are no rock solid specimens of proof to suggest this. They are still worshiped by the less advanced villages, and often are given offerings of food and gifts of gems to earn their favor for protection and to hopefully one day own an egg from these majectic creatures. Many species exist, each with their own special powers, but there are many more discovered nearly every day, and we have yet to know why.

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