Unnamed the Lazy Ribbon Dragon

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Owner: Q
Species:Ribbon Dragon
Gender: Female
Orgin: Unknown
Season: Summer
Time: Night

Ribbon dragons are named after their long, waving growths on their head. They often use these as a show of territory to other ribbon dragons, and the one that is the most graceful with them and does not tire will be the winner. They are around the size of a pony, but they are highly territorial. It is a rare sight to see one sitting down, as they constantly need food to replenish their stores, and they need to defend their land. They are considered a pest in the south eastern regions though, due to the fact that they will often go and steal food from others.

Long draco are extremely lithe breeds of draco that in the old world were thought to be able to control the weather and in some instances, the sun and the moon. They are often seen as a highly intelligent variety of draco that is capable of understanding human speech and sometimes high magic. In the old times, they used to bring them offerings of cooked fish and poultry for the chance to be granted an egg, and once they succeeded the eggs would often be placed on high shrines and carefully taken care of until they hatched. They are seen in various areas of the world, and although some myths describe them with the ability to fly, they lack any sort of wings or wing buds.

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