Unnamed the Feisty Quilin

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Owner: Nicoleknb
Gender: Hatchling
Orgin: Unknown
Season: Fall
Time: Night
Birthdate: 11-18-2018 20:58:51

This tiny hatchling looks like a kirin, but is covered in scales all over its body and has a single strong horn sprouting from its head. It is very shy and prefers to avoid contact with others.

Quilins are close relatives to kirins, although unlike kirins they prefer to make peace with most of the creatures in the forest. Often, quilins will be found in the wild with bird nests and lizards residing in their manes, and it is not uncommon to see a small army of tiny creatures following them around. In the castle, these creatures are often found with pygmy dragons and shinks as their allies, and many a mage will notice their beloved fae dragon has become the ally of another mages quilin- and often will have to get their own quilin to retrieve the favor of their fae.

Steeds are found in all regions of the veil, and as such bear many different attributes that make up these species. These creatures can be cloven, have horns of all types, wings, or any other variety of attributes, as well as elemental powers, so long as they bear four legs and hooves. It is unknown why all of these different creatures can interbreed, although it is hypothesized that they are able to due to being all offspring from the original unicorns brought by the great nature queen Jessa. Steeds still have many different uses, ranging from work animals, to the use of unicorns to manage and index what herbs, plants, and grasses can be used to make potent potions.

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