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Unnamed the Cruel Sharescale

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Owner: haineeezinha
Gender: Male
Orgin: Unknown
Season: Spring
Time: Afternoon

Your hatchling has grown now, and although it possesses a strong coloration warning other creatures of its toxicity, it does not seem aggressive in the slightest, and seems to enjoy badgering your other dragons to take items it has collected. You have to be careful handling it, though, as unlike your dragons, you do not have a thick layer of scales to protect yourself from the sickening poison residue that it produces.

Sharescales are so called because of their strange habits. These dragons will often spend days looking for odd trinkets such as snail shells or feathers, and will obtain a full collection of these items, just to give it away to any creature that walks by or investigates. These dragons are known to get frustrated when a gift is turned down, and begin to come up with creative solutions to figure out how to gift the item to the recipient. It is not unheard of for these dragons to spend months trying to give a gift, until the gift is eventually lost or broken.

Pygmy draco are described as small draco that may have any sort of number of wings or limbs, but all have in common their distinct small size. Often they range from the size of a small cat to even the size of a lizard, and they are usually seen in forested areas around the veil. They commonly possess a very distinct sense of playfulness and all will often play pranks and mess with their nest mates or owners. They lack any sort of intelligence, though, and are often seen as merely pets in the higher parts of society, though in some of the more uneducated areas of the veil they are sill revered and kept a good distance away from.

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