Balean the Silly Baenalkin

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Owner: Balloon
Gender: Male
Orgin: Unknown
Season: Spring
Time: Morning
Birthdate: 03-02-2015 13:49:04

Your hatchling has grown and it now also sports a mane of fire. It stands about twice as tall as you, and is able to easily fly just as well as your dragons. You have attempted to ride it, but the flames it bares and the strong willpower it has thwarted your attempts.

Baenalkins are one of the oldest species of creatures, existing for as long as anyone can remember. These creatures are native to the highest peaks of the mountains, far above where any normal mage is able to travel. These creatures are considered as pests in the few towns that they can be naturally sighted in, due to their harsh attitudes and inability to submit to taming. There has only been one incident of these creatures being controlled, and as a long-lost legend, any hope of actually controlling them is lost.

Steeds are found in all regions of the veil, and as such bear many different attributes that make up these species. These creatures can be cloven, have horns of all types, wings, or any other variety of attributes, as well as elemental powers, so long as they bear four legs and hooves. It is unknown why all of these different creatures can interbreed, although it is hypothesized that they are able to due to being all offspring from the original unicorns brought by the great nature queen Jessa. Steeds still have many different uses, ranging from work animals, to the use of unicorns to manage and index what herbs, plants, and grasses can be used to make potent potions.

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