Unnamed the Sick Soil Dragon

Owner: Nicoleknb
Species:Soil Dragon
Gender: Male
Orgin: Unknown
Season: Fall
Time: Morning
Birthdate: 11-15-2018 06:12:02

You have a hard time finding this hatchling since it burrows, and the only thing you know is that it has a striped body. It now seems to appear above surface more often to hunt and socialize, though you still wish you could see it more.

Soil dragons are an odd, outstandingly different species of dragon. They are highly elusive once hatched, although their eggs are easily found around farms and gardens, hinting that they prefer to live in tilled soil that has few roots and stones to get in their way of burrowing. Most info on them is very vague and has not been proven to be true, but what is known is that they have long, slender striped bodies with large claws for digging and four small eyes. The few that are spotted are often lethargic and discolored, making it impossible to tell whether or not any further info is true.

Drakes are described in the old lore as being bulky, flightless draco who possess a distinct lack of smarts and flame. In the new world, they still fall under this description, but drakes may have large, useless wings that may be used to swim with or used as a way to attack and protect their owner. They still are often confused for dragons, and many a time a drake has caused a bought of panic in a village for fear that the town may burst into fire.

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