Unnamed the Derpy Gyrb Wev

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Owner: Q
Species:Gyrb Wev
Gender: Male
Orgin: Creche
Season: Winter
Time: Dusk
Birthdate: 07-27-2018 23:41:42

This hatchling is incredibly smelly. You refuse to keep it in your room because of how badly it smells. The thing is incredibly strong too, though, and is able and willing to break down your door when it wants to find you. You are not entirely sure how it can find you, though. It has grown some now, and quite strange spikes have protruded from it in some places. You have also noticed its incredible ability to be able to track things from smell, with quite precise results. Often though, it only uses this skill to find where you have hidden the food.

Gyrb Wevs are interesting drakes, being the only examples to use smell as their main sense of communication. Otherwise mute, these beasts rely purely on the scents excreted from the glands that line their cheeks, tail, and shoulders, using the stiff yet flimsy spines to disperse this musk on locations near their lairs to mark their territory. Most creatures are also deterred by these pungent smells, so they serve as an effective defense.

Drakes are described in the old lore as being bulky, flightless draco who possess a distinct lack of smarts and flame. In the new world, they still fall under this description, but drakes may have large, useless wings that may be used to swim with or used as a way to attack and protect their owner. They still are often confused for dragons, and many a time a drake has caused a bought of panic in a village for fear that the town may burst into fire.

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