Unnamed the Weak Drac

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Owner: haineeezinha
Gender: Female
Orgin: Creche
Season: Fall
Time: Dusk
Birthdate: 06-17-2015 22:50:47

Your hatchling has grown now, and to mark its coming of age, it has collected a skull of unknown origins. It often carries this object with it wherever it travels, and it has more than once accidentally dropped it on glass work. Although such occurs, it seems as if the object is near invincible. Any of your other dragons who have attempted to steal it have met an annoying gas of acid which has temporarily blinded them, and caused you a trip to the healer. Thankfully, after this encounter, even the most brash dragons have learned their lesson.

Drac are incredible hoarders, not for the sheer amount of possessions, but for the amount of care they put into preserving their collection. They usually guard their objects and will reinforce them with a thick combination of spit and rock, as well as discreetly hide them to prevent thieves. They only actively carry one object with them, from a young age it is usually a heavy scale, but to mark the coming of adulthood, a hatchling may travel away for weeks to scour for a skull of any type to reinforce and carry with it for the rest of its life. If this skull becomes permanently damaged or lost, the Drac will not only be cast out of its living group and shunned by other Dracs, but will also become lethargic and eventually die.

Wyverns are large, powerful draco that only have hind legs and a pair of large and strong wings. They are commonly found in the volcanic and arid regions of the veil, and are feared and revered by the local tribes surrounding their domains. They only eat meat, but will gladly feast on carrion and rotting flesh, unlike their closer cousins the wyrms. It used to be thought that wyverns possessed a large, stinging tail that could poison their prey, and some species still retain this power, but it is more thought that this is a sure sign of the close relation of wyverns and wyrms. Wyverns also commonly possess strong, plated scales that protect their underbelly and make them nearly invulnerable to any sort of weapon.

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