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Unnamed the Narcoleptic Glow Wyrm

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Owner: haineeezinha
Species:Glow Wyrm
Gender: Male
Orgin: Creche
Season: Summer
Time: Dusk
Birthdate: 01-11-2017 23:01:08

Magenta glow wyrms are a magnificent sight at night, often lighting up the night sky with their iridescent bodies. During the summer, they must enthrall a mate, and often the skies are full of dancing glow wyrms. Your adult is more content to flying about your hold at night, often confusing your other creatures with its luminescent markings. It often will stay away from your other colors of glow wyrm, though, and when you try to introduce them to each other the often quarrel.

Glow wyrms are an odd species of dragon, lacking arms, but having very thick, stuffy tails and short, stocky legs. They maintain flight by flapping their iridescent wings very fast, and often one can tell when a glow wyrm is nearby by the constant hum of thier wings. Their bodies have bright markings on them that glow during night time, which they use to attract mates. Their wings and tails also glow, though those are hypothesized to be used to confuse any possible attackers, since there is no real variation from wyrm to wyrm. There are four distinct colors of glow wyrm, and each shine with a different hue.

Wyrms are large, serpent like draco who may possess only back legs and have large, useless wings, or may be completely limbless. Their main forms of attack are biting with a poison bite, or with some limbless varieties, stinging with a toxic laced tail. They are usually found in desert or arid regions, hiding in the scrub and waiting for their next prey. They are also characterized by their strict diet of raw meat, and the fact that they refuse to eat any meat that has been cooked or is not fresh. Due to this, the old way to tell a wyrm from a wyvern was to offer it cooked meat and see if it took it.

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