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Unnamed the Lost Charger

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Owner: MelancLucy
Gender: Male
Orgin: Creche
Season: Winter
Time: Morning
Birthdate: 07-28-2018 10:17:22

Your hatchling has finally grown, and you can see why it would not let you look at its wings before. The wings now bear some of the most beautiful markings you have ever seen, resembling the night sky in beauty. When you stare at them, though, you tend to get lost in wonder and delight for hours upon hours, and often when you wake up from your trance you are not where you remembered to be. Your adult charger also now stands at around the size of a horse, and it often allows you to ride it around, but it prefers to keep its wings kept tight to its body, but if you are ambushed it will flare them out and sometimes knock you off of its back, but in doing so it hypnotises the attacker and allows you to escape.

Chargers are often seen throughout many of areas of the veil, although in each they are extremely rare, the only rarer creature than them is said to be a unicorn itself. They are one of the most powerful magic wielding species as well, able to entrance any creature that they want by showing their victim their wings, although due to their docile and kind nature they refuse to willingly use this power without having a bond with the creature or in defense. Sometimes a charger will allow its owner to ride it to and fro, and once done are inseparable with their owner. They are said to be one of the fastest rides, sometimes believed to not even touch the ground while running since it would harm grass. Due to this, it is thought they may have been the result of a lunar or solar wing and a unicorn being combined through magic, though there is no proof for this, and especially since combination magic has only been a recent discovery in the veil. It is said there are various types of chargers, though, each with a different wing pattern, and sometimes a different attitude, with comet chargers being the most kind and asteroid said to be the most irritable.

Dragons are regarded to be the most crucial creatures in the forest, due to the many legends surrounding a group of seven who created this world, yet there are no rock solid specimens of proof to suggest this. They are still worshiped by the less advanced villages, and often are given offerings of food and gifts of gems to earn their favor for protection and to hopefully one day own an egg from these majectic creatures. Many species exist, each with their own special powers, but there are many more discovered nearly every day, and we have yet to know why.

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