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Unnamed the Weak Silver Long

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Owner: MelancLucy
Species:Silver Long
Gender: Male
Orgin: Alchemy
Season: Fall
Time: Afternoon
Birthdate: 09-18-2018 22:04:46

This long dragon is about as large as your dorm, and you often see it by the large lake outside the castle. The sun shimmers off its scales and often you need to shield your eyes with your hand from the reflected light off its scales. It still values the orb it earned in its childhood, and any dragon that attempts to steal it for its own hoard is met with a strong slap from the silvers tail.

Silver long dragons are one of the rarer species of long, due to their shiny and valuable scales. These scales can be used to form jewelry and tools, with incredible durability. This act has been banned recently, and populations are on a steady rise in the wild, and in the castle. It is now not uncommon to have a round object stolen by a new hatchling, and once this occurs a mage must give up on trying to get the object back as the hatchling imprints on it. Once a hatchling imprints on an object, they are inseparable, and if the dragon does lose its prized trinket it will become depressed and no matter the amount of urging, will not accept another. Mages often have to make an object that looks exactly like the old one to remedy their sadness.

Long draco are extremely lithe breeds of draco that in the old world were thought to be able to control the weather and in some instances, the sun and the moon. They are often seen as a highly intelligent variety of draco that is capable of understanding human speech and sometimes high magic. In the old times, they used to bring them offerings of cooked fish and poultry for the chance to be granted an egg, and once they succeeded the eggs would often be placed on high shrines and carefully taken care of until they hatched. They are seen in various areas of the world, and although some myths describe them with the ability to fly, they lack any sort of wings or wing buds.

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