Unnamed the Mellow Alum Dragon

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Owner: Upper Center
Species:Alum Dragon
Gender: Hatchling
Orgin: Creche
Season: Summer
Time: Afternoon
Birthdate: 01-13-2018 14:28:20

This beautiful hatchling is incredibly shy and glitters in the sunlight. It seems to have small pieces of crystal on its hide.

Alum dragons are found only in mountain regions where crystals are commonly found, so that these dragons can cover their soft hide in crystal. In the castle, these dragons often steal blue stones and reactor stones to bind onto their hide to form a makeshift bodily armor. If these dragons do not have their hide covered in stone bits and pieces, their skin is soft and somewhat spongy to the touch and incredibly brittle, and the dragon will often become sick or injured from doing basic tasks such as flying or chasing prey.

Wyverns are large, powerful draco that only have hind legs and a pair of large and strong wings. They are commonly found in the volcanic and arid regions of the veil, and are feared and revered by the local tribes surrounding their domains. They only eat meat, but will gladly feast on carrion and rotting flesh, unlike their closer cousins the wyrms. It used to be thought that wyverns possessed a large, stinging tail that could poison their prey, and some species still retain this power, but it is more thought that this is a sure sign of the close relation of wyverns and wyrms. Wyverns also commonly possess strong, plated scales that protect their underbelly and make them nearly invulnerable to any sort of weapon.

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