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Unnamed the Rowdy Celestial Wolf

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Owner: haineeezinha
Species:Celestial Wolf
Gender: Male
Orgin: Bred
Season: Winter
Time: Dawn


Your hatchling has grown now, and it is quite a stunning beast. Agile and strong, it is more than willing to protect you in any circumstance, and will gladly do so without needing to be told. It also listens well to commands, and has no complaints, unlike most creatures. One downside, is that it seems to be almost inseparable from your side, and spends any time away from you pawing at the door, or whining loudly in an attempt to get attention. Once you return, it always seems to be so excited to have you back, that you wonder if it can grasp the concept of time.

Celestial wolves are unlike most wolf varieties in the Viel. These majestic animals do not have a native ground, and instead, are only found in captivity. To obtain an egg from one of these canids, a mage must either earn the respect of someone who is willing to breed them, or go out and search for the high statue, where these dogs sit guard, and make an offering of meat- in hopes that a hound will reward them with an egg. Most mages prefer the first option, though the few that do go through the trouble are rewarded with respect, and a slightly shinier beast than most.

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