Holly Pygmy the Flighty Holly Pygmy

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Owner: Balloon
Name:Holly Pygmy
Species:Holly Pygmy
Gender: Female
Orgin: Unknown
Season: Winter
Time: Morning
Birthdate: 01-25-2014 07:49:23

Your hatchling has finally reached adulthood, and it now prefers to hang out around your vegetable dragons. You often spot it at the edge of the forest though, sitting in a tree and quietly watching your other creatures go about their business. It often prefers to spend long hours focusing on one creature, watching what it does and how it goes about its day, often it will change its locations to match its subject. Sometimes you have to call it to tell it to stop watching your other creatures, as sometimes it will follow them for weeks on end.

Holly pygmies are found in the northern forest regions of the veil, often refereed to as the taiga by local residents. They are often found in colonies of upwards of four hundred or more, in large nests in the tops of conifers. They often share communal nests and cleaning duties, and also will care for the hatchlings of others in their colony. They also have odd hunting habits, often a group of twenty will fly from the colony for weeks on end, each finding a piece of prey and stalking it until it can find the perfect time to strike. As a result of this behavior, holly pygmies are often raised for use as trackers for assassin guilds and other nefarious groups, but due to the decline of their population in the wild, the use of them for this purpose is declining.

Pygmy draco are described as small draco that may have any sort of number of wings or limbs, but all have in common their distinct small size. Often they range from the size of a small cat to even the size of a lizard, and they are usually seen in forested areas around the veil. They commonly possess a very distinct sense of playfulness and all will often play pranks and mess with their nest mates or owners. They lack any sort of intelligence, though, and are often seen as merely pets in the higher parts of society, though in some of the more uneducated areas of the veil they are sill revered and kept a good distance away from.

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